Most people desire whiter teeth. While some home remedies can be useful, 

Buy activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is different from common barbecue charcoal in that it is specifically meant for use as a medicine. It works by absorbing chemicals, and as such is often used as a remedy for intestinal gas or acid. Since it works by absorbing toxins and chemicals, it also draws stains off your teeth.

  • You can find activated charcoal at some drug stores and natural health stores. It is also available for purchase online.
  • It is better to get activated charcoal in powder form rather than tablets. Not only will this give you more charcoal for the price, but it will be easier to rub on your teeth.
  • Since charcoal actively pulls off stains, you can see results within just a few uses. After a few weeks, the results should be easily noticeable.
  • In addition, activated charcoal is a good pH neutralizer and reduces the acids found in the mouth, preventing cavities.
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Dip a clean, wet toothbrush into the powdered charcoal. Get a good coating of charcoal over the toothbrush — you’ll need enough to cover all of your teeth.

  • It may help to pour a small amount into a cup. This way you can avoid getting water in the main bottle of charcoal.
  • Make sure to use a separate toothbrush for brushing normally and brushing with charcoal. Use a new brush with soft bristles.
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Rub your teeth in a circular motion. Make sure to use gentle motions Keep this up for about two minutes.

Spit out the charcoal. This may be a little difficult, since your mouth may be dry. Just try to accumulate as much saliva as you can to spit.

  • Don’t be alarmed at the way your mouth looks. Before you rinse, it’ll be all black from the charcoal. Don’t worry — it will rinse off.

Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. You may need to do this a few times to completely wash away the charcoal. Be sure to swish the water around to remove any remaining charcoal in your mouth.

  • It is considered safe to swallow this water with the charcoal in it once in a while or in small amounts; however, you shouldn’t swallow any charcoal within an hour of taking oral medications. Since charcoal absorbs chemicals, it can absorb any medicine that is in your stomach and lessen its effectiveness.

Brush your teeth normally. This will clean your mouth, freshen your breath, and remove any leftover charcoal on your teeth.

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The safest way to whiten your teeth is to visit a dentist who can recommend either in-office whitening or a home whitening program which use safe products.

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